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Dalmation Rescue

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hi…i have a dalmation bitch n her age is about 2years  n we r planning for her babies so is it safe for her to get pregnant at this age or not?  Read More →

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My Dalmatian Layka

My Dalmatian Layka

My Dalmatian is always very curious  Read More →

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Limited Edition Violano Italian Charm Heart Watch Dalmatian Dog

Watch comes with 16 starter Italian charm links and can be exchanged with other... 

Dalmatian Poses Socks

Dalmatian Socks will warm your feet and your heart. Don’t be caught in the... 

Novelty Cute Dalmatian Dog Puppy Doggy With Red LED Bone In Mouth Cigar Cigarette Pipe Butane Flame Table Lighter With Lovely Barking Sound

Brand New! Never Been Used! Butane Refillable Regular Candle Light Flame Lighter Unique... 

Sterling Silver Dalmatian Dog Pendant ©

Product DescriptionSterling Silver ” Dalmatian ” Dog Charm. This Very... 

Dogs Dalmatian – Dalmatian – Greeting Cards-12 Greeting Cards with envelopes

Product DescriptionDalmatian Greeting Card is measuring 5.5w x 5.5h. Greeting Cards... 

Janna Salak Designs Dogs – Dalmatian and Paw prints – Light Switch Covers – single toggle switch

Product DescriptionDalmatian and Paw prints Light Switch Cover is new and handcrafted... 

Janna Salak Designs Dogs – Dalmatian and Paw prints – Mouse Pads

Product DescriptionDalmatian and Paw prints Mouse Pad is measuring 8w x 8h x .25d,... 

SUBLIME – Lou Dog Dalmatian logo – Sticker / Decal

A great looking sticker. Sticker Measure approximately 4″ x 4″ equivalent... 

Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan: Cesar’s Canine Makeovers

DescriptionWilshire, a hyperactive Dalmatian in Los Angeles, runs amuck in Firehouse... 

Disney’s 102 Dalmatians : A Read-Aloud Storybook

Product DescriptionThe complete retelling of favorite Disney movies in a true read-aloud... 

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Dalmation Q&A


hi…i have a dalmation bitch n her age is about 2years  n we r planning for... 


hi..have a dalmation bitch she is about 2 years old n we r planning for her babies... 

Where can you get a treadmill for your dog?

I have an extremely active Dalmatian. She loves to run and needs the exercise to... 

Wellness dog food. How good of quality is it?

I always heard that iams,kibbles,purina,ekubma, and etc is garbage for your dog.... 

If an unleashed dog attacks a leashed dog, how could the owner of the leashed dog be held responsible?

My cousin was out walking her 2 year old Pitbull on a leash, when out of nowhere... 

How can you tell if a dog sprained their front paw?

How can you tell if a dog has a sprained paw? My dalmatian was walking and saw another... 

anyone here know how to feed a dalmatian?

like when to feed them, how many times in 1 day and what to feed them. my dalmatian’s... 

I want to get a Dalmatian, but I always hear bad things?

I’m thinking about getting a dog when I get my new place, and I have always... 

A dog question about work as a firefighter. Can I bring one along to work?

I saw on T.V. before that the firefighters had a Dalmatian, well I remember it being... 

Should I get a Dalmatian or a Lab? I am having trouble choosing which dog I should get???? HELP?

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Dalmation Videos

My Dalmatian Layka

My Dalmatian is always very curious  Read More →

Dalmatian Lemon likes under the table.mov

She is 10 years old, living near the Shibuya 109, Tokyo. She dosen’t... 

Positive Dog Training – Dogs playing in the park

www.pawsitivelypetsonline.com – Jay-J and a friend playing in the park... 

dog standing

Half newfie, part border collie, dalmatian dog standing up on it’s hind... 

Cute Dalmatian -dj’Arius-

she is Arius,my family.  Read More →

Downhill Dog – Part 2

Downhill with our Dalmatian Dog. Bike: Specialized Stumjumper Comp 08 Camera:... 

Beauchamp the Baby Dalmatian in 2007

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Shihtzu Shasta meets Dalmatian lulu Bell

this is a video i made three days after my dogs met.  Read More →

Deli dalmatian

deli  Read More →

Dog Training 1

Training my 7 years dalmatian.time for balance lessons  Read More →

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